Burkut Water Technologies Inc. is an engineering organization expertised on Industrial Water Treatment and Waste Water Reuse. Founded in 1984, Burkut is the first and leading company of the market in Turkey which has more than 2000 plants successfully commissioned in 40 years. Our business mainly focuses on Turnkey Installation of High-quality water systems for industrial production and recycling of process waste water to increase water efficiency of our customers. We are an experienced and reputable supplier for industrial plants in more than 50 markets such as Food & Beverage, Power Plants, Chemistry, Automotive, Tobacco, Textile , Energy, Plastic and Iron & Steel in all industrial regions of Turkey, Middle East and Africa. Besides our solutions which developed and standardized over the years, our engineering teams priorities are to design the most efficient and sustainable system for the different needs of the factories. We are proud to use leading technologies that will ensure the sustainibility of natural water resources while reducing producers water footprint. Burkut also offer a range of services to cover all water treatment plant management needs such as implementing industrial automation systems, SCADA and data visiualization, designing process control structures for industrial processes. Burkut’s engineering team is capable of delivering international standard project documents and drawings. Burkut’s skilled crew provide field operations such as piping, cabling with an array of materials suited specifically for each industry.

As Burkut, our expertıse ıs to provıde qualıty water needs for ındustrıal plants.

  • Process Water Preparation Systems
  • Boiler Feed Water Preparation Systems
  • Cooling Water Preparation Systems
  • Cooling Water Filtration Systems
  • Iron Manganese Removal
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Boron Removal
  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Water Preparation Systems for Agricultural Irrigation
  • Ultra Pure Deionized Water Preparation Systems
  • Turbine Feed Water Preparation Systems
  • Water Preparation Systems for Food and Beverage Industries
  • Drinking and Utility Water Preparation Systems
  • Aseptic and Hygienic Application Systems
  • Disinfection Systems
  • Water Preparation Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Sterile Water Preparation Systems
  • Wastewater Reuse Systems
  • RO Concentrate Recycling Systems
  • Automation Systems and SCADA Software

Scope Of Services

  • Turnkey System Installation
  • Project Design, System Design
  • Technical Specifications Consulting
  • P&ID Drawings & Process Design
  • Industrial Automation Software for Water Treatment Systems (PLC and SCADA)
  • Manufacturing of Water Treatment, Equipment
  • International Piping and Installation
  • International Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance Training
  • International Technical Service
  • Periodic Inspection and Maintenance Service
  • International Supply of Consumables and Spare Parts

Qualıty Policy

Our company, BURKUT Water Technologies Inc. aims to design, manufacture and procure equipment in accordance with customer needs and market conditions within applicable legislation, and legal requirements.

Our priority is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers’ demands, within the framework of legal requirements and high-quality standards.

In this process, we aim to be environmentally and naturally sensitive; by providing necessary training and focusing on wastewater reuse issues, occupational safety and employee health, we aim to grow within the framework of continuous development.

We commit that all our work will take place in this direction, accept it as our mission and vision, and consider it as our policy to constantly improve ourselves.



ISO 9001-2015 Certification

ISO 9001-2008 Certification

CE AT Declaration of Conformity

Burkut Brand Registration Certificate

AquaTrol Brand Registration Certificate

TSE Service Competency Certificate

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