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Media Filter

Standard Media Filters

We provide media filters available in all capacities to reduce TSS, reduce turbidity , and lower SDI values in water.

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Special Media Sand Filters

The performance of filters has been improved with the next-generation media . Low water consumption of the filter is a feature sought after by all businesses today. Specially developed filter media for reducing wastewater or solid matter in suspension provide profits for your business.

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Ultrafiltration (UF)

Ultrafiltration For Spring Waters

Ultrafiltration is commonly used for spring water filtration. Since ultrafiltration is a long-lasting technology, making the right investment when purchasing is important. In spring water facilities, ultrafiltration membranes are used to remove possible bacteria in the water. Ultrafiltration technology filters water at 0.02 microns, separating bacteria from the water without altering taste of water.

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Ultrafiltration For Water Reuse

The synergy of using ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies together for industrial wastewater reuse has advantages. Ultrafiltration technology performs exceptionally well in TSS removal, significantly extending the lifespan of reverse osmosis devices.

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Use Of Ultrafiltration As A Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter

Reverse osmosis is a delicate technology and can be easily folued by micro-particles (TSS) in water. Ultrafiltration technology filters water at 0.02 microns. Compared to other filter technologies, ultrafiltration technology significantly extends the lifespan of reverse osmosis systems by performing exceptionally well in removing micro-particles from water.

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Disk Filters

Arkal Manual Disk Filters

ARKAL brand disk filters have been used succesfully used by Burkut in the industry for approximately 30 years. Disc filtertechnology that has proven itself in the world and in Turkey. Burkut suppliesall models, both manual and automatic.

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Arkal Automatic Disk Filters

Arkal automatic disk filters can be configured for flow rates 1-3800 m3/h and has several different micron rating options 20-400 microns. Arkal Disk filters are robust and long lasting with extensive referances throughout the world

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Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Veolia P Series Ro Membranes

As of 2021, the RO membrane section of the Lanxess LEWABRANE model RO membrane has been acquired by VEOLIA . We continue to work as the authorized distributor of membranes produced at the Bitterfield, Germany factory and marketed under the new name VEOLIA H series. VEOLIA H Series membranes are providing consistancy in manufacturing and operational quality with a growing population of happy customers

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All Ro Membrane Brands

Burkut Water Technologies Inc. has been an expert in membrane applications starting with year 1988. We can supply the membranes you use or select other brand membraneand supply membranes compatible with your RO equipment.

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Activated Carbon Filter

Industrial Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are used for various purposes such as odor removal, color removal, and chlorine removal in water. Activated carbon filters should be designed according to their purpose.

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Sanitary Activated Carbon Filter For Food And Pharmaceutical Industry

It is known that activated carbon filters create a suitable environment for bacterial growth. In food and pharmaceutical factories, it is essential to limit bacterial growth. Our Sanitary activated carbonmodels that can be sanitized by steam and hot water are used for this purpose.

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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Equipment For Boiler Feed Water

The feasibility of using reverse osmosis equipment for energy efficiency, chemical efficiency, and maintenance efficiency in steam boilers has been known for a long time.

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Reverse Osmosis Equipment For Conductivity Reduction

Reverse osmosis is the most economical technology for reducing conductivity in water. Various membrane types can be chosen specific to your apppication to lower the conductivity of your water.

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Reverse Osmosis Equipment For Food And Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry has strict hygiene requirements. Water constitutes the majority of some beverages. Pure water must always be produced at consistent quality . Water for food and beverage must be approved by the health department.

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Reverse Osmosis Equipment For Bottled Drinking Water

Drinking water must be consistantly safe and tasty.

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Cooling Water Filtration System


AQUATROL-SK is a fully automatic filter designed to protect heat exchangers and chillers using cooling waterAQUATROL-SK filters are "sidestream filters" cooling tower. AQUATROL-SK brand filters are CE certified.

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AQUATROL-SK CHEM developed by BURKUT Co. is the only filter that automatically filters cooling tower water and also feed necessary chemicals to the cooling tower in a single step. The device operates on a sidestream without interrupting of the water flow from the tower to the facility. It performs controlled chemical dosing on the same line.

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Cooling Tower Filters

Cooling towers use air to cool water. Unfortunately, they also introduce dust and dirt from the air into the water. The dust and dirt in the water are circulated by circulation pumps and can lead to sedimentation in pipes, corrosion in pipes, and blockages in heat exchangers and chillers.

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Reverse Osmosis Chemicals



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CIP - Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

Reverse osmosis membranes can become fouled for various reasons. Foulingcan be cleaned with membrane cleaning chemicals. Burkut suppliesvarious types of membrane cleaning chemicals from stock.

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Membrane Biocides

Biocides compatible with reverse osmosis membranes protect your membranes from common microbial fouling.

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Water with an inappropriate pH can cause your fouling in RO membranes . Monitoring the pH value of the water entering reverse osmosis is crucial. pH adjusting chemicals bring the pH of the water entering reverse osmosis to the desired level.

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Water Softener

Water Softening Equipment With Face Piping

Face piping water softening equipment reduce maintenance costs and downtime for factories.

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Tandem Water Softening Equipment

Tandem water softening equipment provide continuous soft water for your factory.

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Electrodeionization (EDI - CEDI)


Electrodeionization systems produce continuous ultra-pure water. For processes where the required conductivity value is less than 5microSiemens/cm, the electrodeionization system can purify water up to 18 MOHM (0.05 microSiemens). It is particularly preferred in the energy, chemical, paint, and pharmaceutical industry. Correct pre-treatment prior the EDI system is crucial.

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VEOLIA brand MK3, MK3X, MK3 pharm, MK3 mini stack spares are available. Siemens or Evoqua VNX, LX stack spares are available.

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Burkut Water Technologies has been erecting electrodeionisation (EDI) systems since ,year 2000. Burkut provides long lasting EDI systems with complete pretreatment and integration to SCADA.

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Burkut provides EDI systems for your most stringent technical specifications. Burkut’s electrodeionisation sytems deliver 18 mOHM resistivity and meet your silica and sodium targets. Burkut Water Technologies has been erecting electrodeionisation (EDI) systems since ,year 2000.

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Burkut’s complete sanitary pretreatment options ensure your ultrapure water is up to free of endotoxins and viable bacteria. Burkut erects heat sanitizable systems, ozone systems, UV systems, UF systems and EDI systems with sanitary properties along with asceptic tanks and piping according to pharmaceutical process piping standards. Burkut Water Technologies has been erecting electrodeionisation (EDI) systems since ,year 2000.

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Anionic and Cationic Resins


Water softening resins from DUPONT, TAPTEC, DOWEX, PUROLITE, INDION brands

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Anionic demineralization resins from DOWEX, PUROLITE, DUPONT, TAPTEC brands

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Cationic demineralization resins from DOWEX, PUROLITE, DUPONT, TAPTEC brands

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Mixed bed resins from DOWEX, PUROLITE, DUPONT, TAPTEC brands

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Ultraviolet Systems(UV)


Wedeco is part of XYLEM group. Wedeco UV systems are renowned for their high-quality and effectiveness.

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High-quality Italian-made Ultraviolet Disinfection Devices.

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Atlantium UV systems offer outstanding engineering and effectiveness. Atlantium is renowned in Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries due to its patented UV reactor that ensures VALİDATED inactivation of bacteria, viruses, molds, cysts.

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Water Treatment Automation


• Remote monitoring of the facility with SCADA • Automatic notification with set points (email, SMS, etc.) • Summary for the factory maintenance team on a viewing screens • Remote access for the revision and update of your PLC and SCADA software

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Technical Service and Engineering


For 40 years, Burkut Water Technologies Inc. has been serving the industry. We provide turnkey service in industrial water treatment, industrial water purification, and wastewater recycling with our expert engineering team, technical service team, and years of experience.

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We provide urgent technical service, repair, and spare part replacement requests. Our team provides fast service throughout Europe and Middle East.

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Our expert team offers monthly inspection and maintenance services at reasonable prices.

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Burkut provides engineering consulting services for may areas of water treatment such as reducing water footprint, reducing chemical consumption, reducing energy or personell costs, providing stability of quality or capacity by upgrading processes. Our consulting services include on-site inspection, process evoluation, process revisions, document revisions, and complete turnkey delivery.

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Starting year 1984, Burkut Co. has been serving the Turkish industry, with over hundreds of projects under its belt. Advancing your factory's long-term investment from the beginning with the right decisions and selections leads to financial gains in the long run. Burkut Co. is known for its quality approach for long years, and customer satisfaction references are increasing day by day.

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