Cooling Tower Filters

Cooling towers use air to cool water. Unfortunately, they also introduce dust and dirt from the air into the water. The dust and dirt in the water are circulated by circulation pumps and can lead to sedimentation in pipes, corrosion in pipes, and blockages in heat exchangers and chillers.



AQUATROL-SK is a fully automatic filter designed to protect heat exchangers and chillers using cooling waterAQUATROL-SK filters are "sidestream filters" cooling tower. AQUATROL-SK brand filters are CE certified.

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AQUATROL-SK CHEM developed by BURKUT Co. is the only filter that automatically filters cooling tower water and also feed necessary chemicals to the cooling tower in a single step. The device operates on a sidestream without interrupting of the water flow from the tower to the facility. It performs controlled chemical dosing on the same line.

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