Ultrafiltration For Spring Waters

Ultrafiltration is commonly used for spring water filtration. Since ultrafiltration is a long-lasting technology, making the right investment when purchasing is important. In spring water facilities, ultrafiltration membranes are used to remove possible bacteria in the water. Ultrafiltration technology filters water at 0.02 microns, separating bacteria from the water without altering taste of water.


Ultrafiltration For Water Reuse

The synergy of using ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies together for industrial wastewater reuse has advantages. Ultrafiltration technology performs exceptionally well in TSS removal, significantly extending the lifespan of reverse osmosis devices.

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Use Of Ultrafiltration As A Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filter

Reverse osmosis is a delicate technology and can be easily folued by micro-particles (TSS) in water. Ultrafiltration technology filters water at 0.02 microns. Compared to other filter technologies, ultrafiltration technology significantly extends the lifespan of reverse osmosis systems by performing exceptionally well in removing micro-particles from water.

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